It doesn't get any Easier than this!

As a Lifetime.Hosting customer, you qualify for this exclusive promotion to purchase Reseller Rights to Lifetime.Hosting for as little as $2.97 per account! You can sell these hosting packages to your customers and charge them monthly, or sell them for a one-time price like we do. And we will do everything else. We will setup the account, we will support the customer and we will sell them add-ons and share that revenue with you 50/50!

I don't know Anything about Web Hosting Can I still do this?

Yes. Our reseller program is not like other reseller hosting programs. You resell our packages and keep 100% of the revenue. We do everything else. The customer is setup at Lifetime.Hosting and we do all the support. You donĂ­t need to setup billing software or support software or hire a support team or anything else.

Simply send the customers to your site and collect the revenue - then redirect them to our fulfillment site and we will do the rest.

Is Lifetime.Hosting easy to sell?

According to, the Internet recently passed 250 million active websites. Some company, somewhere, resells or hosts these websites. It could be you. Plus, only 54% of small businesses have a website right now. The other 46% of small businesses are also your target market.

I'm not technical - Can I still do this?

Yes. Our Gold and Platinum Reseller programs come with a one-page website similar to our launch page and you can just add your payment button. When a customer purchases from your website, you simply redirect them to our fulfillment site and we do the rest.

That sound easy... - Can you make it easier?

Yes. Platinum Resellers can choose the fully turnkey setup at no extra cost. You provide us with your desired domain name and your desired brand and product name. Let us know the price you want to resell for, between $27 and $117, and we'll do the rest. We will setup your one-page site, host the site and setup the payment as a 100% affiliate of Lifetime.Hosting. Finally, we will setup the upsell funnel with a revenue share of 50/50 and build the automatic account creation for your customers.

How much can I Make?

The reseller program allows you to sell our Silver Packages.
We sell these for $47 during our launch and for $119 on our main website.

Don't Miss These Specials

Reseller 20

$ 147.00

One Time

  • 20 Silver Accounts
  • $ 7.36 per account
  • 24x7 end user support
  • Resell for $800-$2,300
  • Profession Email Swipes that convert ( $ 300 Value)
  • Upsell Revenue 50/50 Share ($425 Value)
(LH2-031) Reseller 20

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Best Value

Reseller 100

$ 347.00

One Time

  • 100 Silver Accounts
  • $ 3.47 per account
  • 24x7 end user support
  • Resell for $4,400-$11,500
  • Profession Email Swipes that convert ( $ 300 Value)
  • Upsell Revenue 50/50 Share ($2,130 Value)
  • Swipe Our Launch Website ($1,600 Value)
  • Turnkey Setup We do the hardwork
Reseller Lifetime.Hosting Platinum (100 Starter Accounts)

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Reseller 50

$ 247.00

One Time

  • 50 Silver Accounts
  • $ 4.94 per account
  • 24x7 end user support
  • Resell for $2,100-$5,800
  • Profession Email Swipes that convert ( $ 300 Value)
  • Upsell Revenue 50/50 Share ($1,065 Value)
  • Swipe Our Launch website ($1,600 value)
(LH2-032) Reseller 50

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

No Thanks, I Will Pass Up This Exclusive Reseller Offer and Pay Much More Later

Have A Question...? Ask One Of Our Experts

  • Q. Can I give the hosting away?
  • Q. Can I bundle the hosting with my theme/script/etc...
  • Q. Can I add the hosting to my membership site?
  • Q. Do you have minimum pricing?
  • Q. Can I get WHM access to create my own cPanel accounts for my hosting customers?
  • Q. Can I start selling these packages today?
  • No. You must sell the hosting packages. Since we are providing end-user support, we require that you collect revenue from the account holder. This prevents fraud signups, spamming signups and account abuse which results in a more secure and stable service for everyone.

  • Yes, but the product you are selling must be priced at $27 or more. Many of our resellers use this as a way to increase your products value for your customers.

  • The hosting can be added to paid membership sites that charge at least $17 per month. You cannot add the hosting to free membership sites.

  • Yes and No. We have Minimum Advertised Pricing. That is to say, you cannot advertise (offline, online or in email) pricing less than $27 one-time. You can offer coupons to bring your price below the MAP, so in effect you can sell the product for any price you like.

    We have had success selling for $47. We will not provide end-user support for any packages sold for less than $27 one-time, $2 monthly recurring or $17 annual recurring. You will need to support these hosting customers on your own.

  • Sorry no. Our reseller hosting packages do not offer WHM access. You will send your customers to our fulfillment site and they can create their accounts on the spot.

  • Sorry no. Due to the overwhelming response to this reseller package, we need to ensure our hosting support staff is fully in-place and available to guarantee that your customers receive the best possible support. You will be able to resell these package starting November 1st.